Solutions for your business

Criticaleye-Venn Diagram


Criticaleye Mentors provide members with a challenging, hard edged discussion. They are able to critique their challenges as a result of having the right experience and wisdom and are there as  a trusted reference point to help members identify the right questions they need to be asking and in so doing helping them find the answer they need.

The Programme Director supports the CEO in delivering the transformation of the leadership team in order to enhance their capabilities, build trust and establish accountability. The Programme Director is responsible for coordinating and delivering the components of a tailored solution that will help the CEO and the executive team achieve structured outcomes.

The Relationship Manager provides members with challenge on an individual level and accelerates valuable relationships and the impact from peer to peer connections. They are relevant to the member’s individual objectives but work closely with the entire support team.


The purpose of a Team Retreat is to engage and inspire the executive team by introducing them to real life case studies that align to their current challenges. During a Team Retreat they are introduced to CEO’s from external businesses and industries that have conquered similar issues successfully. This brings the team together to explore the barriers they are facing, and collectively encourages them to collaborate on a roadmap for change.


Pop Up Boards are intimate round table events for Criticaleye members who want to test or validate a particular strategy to help them gain a frame of reference and spur them to think outside the box. When hosting a Pop Up Board members have the rare opportunity to gain input into their strategies from industry leaders’ who participate in the event to provide strategic analysis and support in a safe and secure environment.

Peer to Peer Introductions  Criticaleye has unparalleled access to a diverse Community of leaders within various industries. The ability to tap into their knowledge and connect them with other leaders at the right time accelerates the impact and strategic alignment for Criticaleye members.

Criticaleye Content and Events provide an additional benchmarking opportunity for our Community of leaders. Members can read about how other leaders have overcome challenges and learn about the expertise available in the Community. Events either in the form of conferences, breakfasts and Community Retreats give like minded individuals from the Community the chance to meet and discuss their thought and challenges and an opportunity to develop these ideas further.

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