Our Community

The Criticaleye Community is comprised of leaders from the business, public, voluntary and academic worlds. The culmination of the intellect, expertise, talent and experience that they bring makes Criticaleye, The Network of Leaders.

  • Board Mentors

As part of their membership, Executive Members have the option of a dedicated Board Mentor as their ‘sounding board’. Reflective of the Community itself, Board Mentors have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge for Members to draw from.

  • Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of Executive Members. Its purpose is to act as a representative body for Membership, to provide advice and affirmation, and to give valuable feedback to support the dynamic evolution of the company.

  • Thought Leaders

In 2010, in order to service the needs of its Members and to forge more productive and practical links between the great minds of business academia and the leaders of industry, Criticaleye, the peer to peer Board Community, established its own ‘Members’ Faculty’.

This resulting group of globally acclaimed thinkers now comprises 53 of the biggest names in the world of business thought leadership hailing from 33 schools in 15 countries across 5 continents. 23 are Deans or the Leaders of their organisations and 10 are included in the latest Thinkers50 listing of the world’s top business thinkers. Nine out of the top 15 Schools in the FT Global MBA Rankings 2015 are represented.

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