Criticaleye Memberships

  • Executive Membership

Criticaleye Executive Membership enables business leaders to realise their ambitions through structured access to a diverse leadership network, enhancing careers, solving business issues and inspiring innovation.

We provide a platform where business leaders can discuss and connect with their peers and this interaction has led to an immense and unmatched resource offering insight into those key issues facing board members and top tier executives globally.

Please contact us at if you wish to discuss our Executive Membership offering.

  • Advisory Membership

Criticaleye, the Network of Leaders, was established nine years ago with the aim of helping leaders across industry sectors resolve business issues and develop strategies for success via peer-to-peer debate and discussion. Through this managed network, we support our Members by providing a safe and secure space for them to ask questions and discuss solutions, while ensuring that they have access to cutting edge research and multimedia business intelligence. As a unique platform for the UK’s most ambitious business community, Criticaleye provides the ideal opportunity for our Advisory Partners to position themselves as thought leaders while developing new business relationships.

Please email us at if you wish to discuss our Advisory Membership offering.

  • Online Membership

Online Membership offers you unlimited access to our database of business insights;
this includes filmed interviews with CEOs, Chairmen and speakers from our forums,
research papers from very diverse strategy houses and business schools, and articles
generated by our Community

To join Criticaleye as an Online Member, visit

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