How to Assess Culture

Kevin Hills, Head of EY’s Integrity and Compliance Team, explains that when it comes to risk and reputation, culture has a lot to answer for. 

Given the context of peoples’ actions, Kevin believes we can understand the reasoning behind even the biggest frauds in history. “When you connect with them on a human level, culture is often the thread that helps explain why they did it,” he says. 

This is just one reason why leaders and regulators are increasingly interested in corporate culture and how it drives the actions and behaviour of their staff. Yet many struggle when assessing culture. After all, how do you measure something so impalpable?  

Having spent more than 20 years in forensic accounting, Kevin has conducted a number of investigations at major UK and global organisations. More recently, he launched the Corporate Integrity Division at EY to help leaders understand culture and its impact. 

Kevin has had to work against the belief that there is no benchmark for a good culture. “The standard exists, although it is different for every organisation. The leadership create it,” he explains. 

Read more from Kevin Hills here 


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