An Overview of PE Activity

Ian Jamieson, Managing Partner of Jamieson Corporate Finance, gives his overview of the private equity landscape.

Speaking at Criticaleye’s Private Equity Retreat last week  Ian Jamieson, Managing Partner at  Jamieson Corporate Finance, reiterated the wealth of interest from private equity investors globally.

It’s very competitive out there. The market is frothy; there are a number of deals going on,” Ian told the business leaders, who gathered from a mix of corporate and PE companies to hear the discussion. 

“Capital is coming from everywhere – sovereign wealth funds, Chinese buyers and North American pension funds.”

In particular, Ian noted a pickup of activity from investors in the Far and Middle East. “The private equity funds raised in China last year equals the whole of PE funds raised in Europe,” he said. “These guys will be generalists, hitting anything with a good running yield and strong brand.”

But Ian called on business leaders to consider whether they are ready to lead a business in Asia. “If you exit in Shanghai or Hong Kong, will you be [willing to be] the CEO of a business in the Far East? It’s a global world and people will exit you if they can get the right price,” he warned.

“The other ones to watch out for are the possible Iranian deals. There will be a huge amount of money invested around the world, particularly in the UK and New York – around $50 billion petrodollars in total.”

Catch up on the highlights from the Private Equity Retreat in this week’s Community Update


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